Other Services

Monitoring Services

Our state of the art monitoring centre can give you peace of mind for your home or business knowing our operators will take action at the first sign of a disturbance. You can have instructions in place for just about any event such as intruder alarms, power failures, personnel leaving or entering the premises outside of normal hours and many others

All our control centre operators are highly trained and experienced so you will feel secure knowing that while you sleep we are always on the lookout for any problems and if they occur follow your instructions or use our experience in more unusual situations

CCTV Cameras & Video Surveillance

For an additional level of security you can have our technicians install cameras at your home or business to automatically record the activities of any intruders with an alert back to our monitoring centre or even to your phone if you wish to save some money on monitoring costs

Depending on your needs there are many ways our technicians can setup your cameras from where a sensor is triggered and the signal goes to our monitoring centre or to your phone to more complex configurations such as biometric recognition and access control (face, fingerprint, iris recognition)

Service & Maintenance Plans

An alarm is like your car it needs to be regularly serviced to keep it running at its best. Our team of technicians can come to your home or business during normal business hours or even outside of these times as part of a regular maintenance schedule or get there fast if theres an emergency

Risk Assessment

Sometimes there are risks to your personnel or business that need to be addressed before something goes wrong. Our risk assessment advisors can prepare a detailed report of any risks related to security for your business or staff including an assessment of how existing resources can be more effectively employed or recommendations of additional resources needed